We have a unique 30′ permanent counter in our space. We designed it to be multi-functional. It’s 36″ high and 2′ deep with nice, thick iron legs. You could use it for just about anything, it’s up to you. We got to see the sample for the first time today and just about fell out of our chairs at how gorgeous it was.

image_16 copy

As you may know, we include tables and chairs in our rental rate. We were originally going to be lame and get prom style 66″ rounds but we’ve changed our tune. The Publican is catering one of our weddings in October and we got to thinking about how much better our space would look with rustic wooden tables. Here’s a shorter version of the 8′ table we’re going with. We tracked down the wood at a place called Minnesota Barnwood and the tables are all being custom made. Communal seating anyone? Oh and the best part? No more exorbitant fees to rent linens. You’re welcome.


Ladies and gents, your first look at the interior of Ovation. It took us almost a year to find the right space but after a long, tough search we’ve found it. It is a green building with an abundance of natural light thanks to our oversized windows and skylights. Loads of free street parking—your guests and vendors will appreciate it more than you know. A huge loading zone for vendors and VIPS, and we’re a block from Western for revelers in need of a post party cab ride home. Watch this feed, we’ll be posting a lot of updates over the next 12 weeks. Here we go.

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